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ATI has announced cards titled Radeon X300 SE HyperMemory. The cards, like NVIDIA's TurboCache cards, shares your system memory for graphics processing. These aren't gang buster performance cards, but affordable solutions.
ATI Introduces Affordable Graphics Upgrade to Improve Gaming, Photo Editing
and Video Playback Experience in PCs

New RADEON® X300 SE HyperMemoryTM graphics cards from ATI improve overall
system performance and visual quality for price-sensitive customers

MARKHAM, ON – March 1, 2005 – ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ:
ATYT) today introduced RADEON® X300 SE HyperMemoryTM graphics solutions,
excellent upgrades for PC users looking to affordably improve their PC
gaming, photo editing and video playback experiences. New RADEON X300 SE
cards pair ATI’s HyperMemory technology with the advanced data-transfer
capabilities of PCI Express systems to share system memory for graphics
processing, improving system value and performance.

“Customers who upgrade to the RADEON X300 SE HyperMemory graphics solution,
either when purchasing their PC or adding it to their existing system, can
dramatically improve their overall experience,” said Rich Heye, Vice
President and GM, Desktop Discrete Products, ATI Technologies Inc. “Games,
photo editing software and other media all run with superior performance
and provide a richer user experience with RADEON X300 SE HyperMemory

HyperMemory dynamically and intelligently uses system memory storage for
real-time graphics processing. The amount of local memory is reduced
without compromising overall performance. The sharing of system resources
allows users to get the upgrade benefits of a traditional graphics card for
much lower prices.

HyperMemory family of products are based on ATI’s award winning graphics
architecture, which deliver best-in-class performance in gaming and video
playback. The DirectX 9 cards are supported by ATI’s CATALYST™ suite of
software which is well known in the industry for its robust feature set,
performance and stability.

HyperMemory cards are shipping now and will soon be available from ATI and
its board partners including:
* Club3D
* Connect3D
* Diamond
* Gigabyte
* Hightech Information Systems
* Info-Tek Corporation
* VisionTek

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