ATI brings high end cards to the AGP world

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The PCI-Express people have had their fun, it's time the AGP people get theirs as well. ATI has announced the availability of the Radeon X800XL and the Radeon X850XT for AGP. While the X850XT is a native AGP GPU. the X800XL uses the PCI-E to AGP bridge. Both cards should be pretty fast though and we're hoping to get a few in here to test against the PCI-E ones.
ATI Extends its Line of High-End Graphics Cards

RADEON® X800 XL and RADEON® X850 XT now available for AGP customers

MARKHAM, ON – February 28, 2005 – ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ:
ATYT) today enhanced its family of graphics products for gamers and
enthusiast PC users by announcing and shipping AGP versions of its popular
RADEON® X800 XL graphics cards and RADEON® X850 XT graphics processors.

The RADEON X800, X800 XL and X850 Series visual processors originally
debuted in December for PCI Express based systems. PCI Express is rapidly
replacing AGP in new PC’s as the primary interconnect technology between
the main processor and the graphics subsystem. These new AGP variants will
allow users who have not yet upgraded to PCI Express to experience the same
great performance and image quality.

“The RADEON X800 XL and RADEON X850 products are perfect for gamers looking
to upgrade their AGP systems to play the latest games,” said Rich Heye,
Vice President and GM, Desktop Discrete Products, ATI Technologies Inc.
“ATI will continue to deliver leading-edge graphics solutions like these
for AGP as well as PCI Express to support the large install base.”

The RADEON X850 is a native AGP visual processor family featuring the
RADEON X850 XT and other models. The RADEON X800 XL uses ATI’s PCI Express
to AGP Bridge chip, which allows PCI Express graphics processors to be used
in AGP-based computers. RADEON X800 XL and RADEON X850 AGP products from
ATI and ATI board partners are available through a variety of retail and
e-tail outlets as well as through OEMs and system builders.

For more information on these or other ATI products please visit
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