ASTRO releases two trailers for the A40 and A30 gaming headphones!

by: Nathan -
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ASTRO is set to reveal a brand new set of cutting edge gaming headphones at E3 this year. ASTRO will be at the show demoing their new headphones and they also have a partnership and major retail announcement coming as well. Sounds like good things are in ASTRO's future. 

But before that, they have released two trailers for two sets of their headphones already on the market. ASTRO explains why these are the best gaming headphones on the market

“Ever wondered what separates ASTRO gear from everything else out there? Why do the A40s and A30s stand above other gaming headsets? Watch the premiere of the A40 Headset and A30 Headset trailers and find out.

These video pieces were painstakingly built from the original A40 and A30 CAD files to give you a glimpse of the complexity that goes into anything with the ASTRO name.”

Check em out!

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