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If you have an all AMD setup you can now take advantage of AMD Fusion which can be downloaded from What it does is it closes certain background services and can also boost some of the components as well by overclocking GPU or CPU and other performance tweaks. Below is a video giving you a quick overview of what it can do. It looks like an easy way to get fine tune your computer and get the most performance out of it. Now, there's no telling if this affects stability in any way but I'm guessing the utility wouldn't let you turn off any process that was essential for the system to run stabilily. It's unfortunate this will only work on an all AMD setup though but understandable.

AMD Infuses Corporate Brand with the Power of “Fusion”

Global “The Future is Fusion” Campaign Focuses on Unique AMD Ability to Ignite Next-generation Solutions through Innovation Leadership, Customer Collaboration and Industry Impact

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Sept. 18, 2008 – AMD (NYSE:AMD) today launched a new corporate brand campaign under a new tagline, “The Future is Fusion.” The campaign is intended to focus on how the unique AMD combination of technologies, coupled with close relationships with computer manufacturers and a deep understanding of customer needs, results in exciting next-generation capabilities and experiences at work, at home, and at play.

“Fusion is AMD’s way to express how we blend our customers’ needs, dreams and desires with our unique passion for enabling innovation,” said Nigel Dessau, AMD senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “While this unique approach has always been our practice, ‘Fusion’ is the most focused articulation yet of how AMD marries innovation with collaboration in ways that can yield benefits to the marketplace greater than the sum of its parts.”

The adoption of the “Fusion” brand and the accompanying global campaign, which is expected to run through the end of the year, are among several steps AMD is taking as part of a broader transformation designed to sharpen its focus around its core microprocessor and graphics technology businesses. AMD recently signed an agreement to sell its Digital TV business to Broadcom as part of its efforts to better focus resources on its core computing and graphics businesses.

The new company brand and the campaign were designed to address marketplace directions that AMD identified through internal research, and by working closely with its strategic customers and partners who depend on AMD’s microprocessors to offer choice to consumers worldwide.

“We anticipate that AMD’s new ‘Fusion’ campaign will spark new opportunities in the market,” said Michael Mendenhall, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Hewlett Packard. “For some time, we’ve enjoyed a successful collaborative relationship with AMD that’s helped our business offer differentiated solutions that address our customers’ most pressing challenges.”

At the heart of the campaign is the “Fusion” brand concept: a unique energy created by connecting AMD people and technology with those of its partners. Fusion is the AMD working philosophy that marries innovation with collaboration, and is the process by which AMD and its partners can enable next-generation technologies that change the way we live, work and play.

An example of “Fusion” in the AMD product roadmap is its Fusion Architecture – the stated intent to combine the photo-realistic imagery made possible by its graphics processing units with the processing power of its central processing units. The company believes its new “Fusion” brand concept captures the benefits of this same collaborative initiative across a range of technology platforms, partner relationships, employee teams, and market segments.

“At work, Fusion means delivering leading server performance against real-world workloads with best-in-class performance-per-Watt and powerful virtualization capabilities,” Dessau said. “At home, Fusion means enabling people to share the full range of digital content on any screen they choose. At play, Fusion builds on the AMD and ATI record of leadership in providing the first 3-D graphics processing unit and driving the graphics for both the Microsoft® Xbox™ 360 and Wii by Nintendo game systems.”

AMD has a history of technology breakthroughs in the work, home and play segments. For example:

· In the workplace, the company was the first to demonstrate both the world’s first x86 dual-core processor and the first native quad-core x86 processor.

· In the home, AMD invented 3DNOW!™ Technology, the first x86 innovation to significantly enhance 3D graphics and multimedia for PCs. It was also the first to break the 1GHz (one billion clock cycles per second) barrier with its AMD Athlon™ processor.

· At play, industry-leading ATI Radeon™ graphics cards, AMD 7-Series chipsets and AMD Phenom™ multi core processors combine for balanced, high-performance gaming platforms. Fused with unique software utilities such as AMD OverDrive™

and ATI Catalyst™ Control Center, AMD platforms empower gamers everywhere to push the boundaries of performance.¹

Consumers, especially PC gaming fans, can see and experience the power of Fusion on their PC desktop in a new and exciting way. Available today for download, the AMD Fusion for Gaming utility beta2 is designed to allow gamers to experience greater performance on AMD processor-based PCs with a simple click of a button. It works by temporarily reducing resource-consuming background services while boosting compute performance with advanced acceleration technologies, including:

· Auto-Tune for AMD processors and chipsets, which is designed to optimize platform performance while maintaining system stability;

· Clock Multiplier Control and Advanced Clock Calibration from within the AMD Overdrive™ utility allows gaming enthusiasts to customize the performance level of their processor and platform.3 AMD Overdrive™ is able to monitor the temperature, frequency and stability of the processor and platform to allow users to find the optimal settings for the task at hand;

· Auto-Tune for ATI graphics from within the award-winning Catalyst™ Control Center software, providing complete control of the performance and visual quality of your ATI Radeon™ graphics for a personalized visual experience on the PC; and

· Hard Drive Acceleration to decrease data seek time and increase hard drive performance. 1

This tool is currently being released in a beta form and is designed to help gamers experience the power of AMD Fusion by creating an

easily attained performance optimization previously reserved for a highly technical PC enthusiast community. Advanced users may then customize profiles by selecting specific processes for temporary disablement and degrees of hardware tuning depending on usage scenarios.

For more details about the new advertising campaign, visit and to download the AMD Fusion for Gaming utility beta version for AMD processor-based PCs, visit
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