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There's a new patch today for Dark Age of Camelot that introduces a new Realm vs. Realm battlefield called the Isle of Agramon. More information on the new Isle can be found at The Camelot Herald.
FAIRFAX, VA – August 16, 2005 – Mythic Entertainment, developer and publisher of massively-multiplayer online games, today released patch 1.78 and introduced the new Realm vs. Realm (TM) (RvR) battlefield, the Isle of Agramon, into the world of Dark Age of Camelot (R). Located in the North Sea within the New Frontiers, the island is a centrally located battlefield that gives all players easy access to RvR combat and facilitates easier movement between the Realms of Hibernia, Midgard, and Albion.

“Realm vs Realm battles are the heart of Dark Age of Camelot,” explains Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer for Dark Age of Camelot. “They are our unique take on Player vs. Player combat and the reason so many gamers continue to play the game. The Isle of Agramon is an exciting new battlefield that will further intensify the conflict between the three Realms. Now RvR action is only a short bridge crossing away for most players.”

Island Details
- The Isle of Agramon is a place of varying terrain, notable landmarks, and wide open fields perfect for large battles.
- Each Realm has access to the island's shore from bridges and small land masses located near the beachhead keeps (Bledmeer Faste in Midgard, Dun Crauchon in Hibernia and Caer Benowyc in Albion). Players may also reach the shore entrances to the island by swimming.
- There are two milegates per Realm on the island, for a total of six. The main portcullis doors can be destroyed and repaired.
- There are no guards or other NPCs located on the island.
- Any player from any Realm may use any entrance to the island without restriction.
- There are a variety of monsters available on the island to be used as pets.

For full patch details, please visit the Camelot Herald at http://www.camelotherald.com/patches.php.
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