A glimpse of Jason Montes before his suspected murder-suicide

by: Randy -
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Look, I'm by no means the right guy to eulogize former games journalist Jason Montes.  In case you missed Montes's story amidst resounding proclamations of a new U.S. president, more across-the-industry layoffs, and the workup to the Super Bowl, the words "tragic" and "senseless"  in Montes's tend to roll of the tongue with the greatest of ease without really ever reaching depth on his end.  Also, it's easy to do the wrong thing by making a suspected murder-suicide serve as the summation of an entire life.  Instead of that, Defunct Games interviewed Montes three years ago at E3, back when he was working at Hudson Entertainment.
Besides asking normal questions (what games do you have coming out?, etc.) I [Defunct Games] decided to play a little game with him.  DGC has this cool game show called Service Gaming: The Show, we basically take three people and ask them easy to answer questions and then let the viewers at home decide if they got the question right or wrong.
Hey, it's a fun read, and it's a good way of snapping back to the realization that there was certainly more to Jason Montes than his last moments.
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