A closer look at the 3DS

by: Sean Colleli -
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Gamespot UK got a closer look at the 3DS at a recent Nintendo media event. There isn't much new info in this video but there's some good footage of the console up close, and from a lot of angles. It makes me wonder, though, how Nintendo plans on advertising the 3D aspect when you can't really convey that through TV or internet ads.

I know Chuck is pretty underwhelmed by the 3DS, probably because the 3D effect is at best a gimmick, but I'm tentatively excited just for the platform's potential as a modern gaming portable. The 3D will probably be a cool feature but I'm really not all that interested in it. The software lineup and horsepower of the 3DS is what has me excited. The DS has been painfully antiquated for at least 3 years now, and the PSP, while powerful and slick, always turned me off with the clunky UMD drive. The 3DS really looks like a fresh start in terms of tech and games--finally, Nintendo is emphasizing both the graphical power of their console and the big name franchises they've scored for it. As a portable fan I've been itching for a new handheld device for a while now, at least one that doesn't come with a mandatory Mac-tax, so I hope Nintendo surprises us all and releases the 3DS this holiday.
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