A Veritable Grab Bag of News Items

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Previews, Interviews, and Demos

  • Tony Hawk (that elder statesman of skateboarding) has a trailer for Tony Hawk's Project 8.  [Atomic Gamer]
  • Furious about the state of MMOs?  Then read this interview with Fury's Senior Designer, Joseph Hewitt.  [MMORPG.com]
  • Chuck rounded up Galactic Civilization: Dark Avatar screenshots yesterday.  Now get the game info.  [Atomic Gamer]
  • Get a sneak peak at Lord of the Rings Online's Brockenborings Orchard.  [Ten Ton Hammer]
  • With great power comes even greater power ... at least in Codemasters' ArchLord.  This is an interview with the team's Tim Hodges.  [Ten Ton Hammer]
  • Get smashed and watch this Warhammer: Mark of Chaos trailer.  [Atomic Gamer]
  • And Half Lifers can get the Obsidian Conflict Beta 1 Mod here.  [Atomic Gamer]
  • Soldner solders some patches for Secret Wars: v3367x to v33673, v33673 by itself, and the v33673 server patch.  [Atomic Gamer]
  • You can "touch 'em all" by hitting a homerun with the Out of the Park Baseball 2006 demo and patch.  [Atomic Gamer]
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