7 Gamer new year's resolutions

by: Sean Colleli -
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The Kartel has a list of seven things a lot of gamers should consider doing in the new year. Some are obvious--Don't hate Uwe Boll for making bad movies out of games with bad plots. Some don't apply to me--my significant other already enjoys gaming so I'm not being weird by introducing her to new ones. But the one about not calling myself hardcore?  Hmm, that's tough.

I'm thrilled that so-called casual gaming has brought a lot of new people into the fold and made gaming less of a stigma, but my main issue is the wide quality disparity between casual games (which are usually cheap simplistic ripoffs) and more traditional "hardcore" games. I guess I just don't like it when the casual gamers, who are largely ignorant of gaming of no fault of their own, get taken advantage of. Publishers should put the same work into their casual stuff that goes into Zelda, BioShock or Uncharted 2. In other words, we shouldn't see another Wii Music or Family Game Night Party Extravaganza: 50 Great Miniames for the WHOLE FAMILY!

As for the fanboy baiting? Yeah, it needs to stop.
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