3DS sells 5 million in Japan faster than the DS, GBA, and Wii

by: John -
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If I were to tell you that in Japan, the fastest selling platform to 5 million would be the Nintendo 3DS, would you believe me? Well, that's what Nintendo is saying.

Looking at the graph, the 3DS hit 5 million units sold faster than the Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, and the Nintendo Wii. It hit the mark at week 51. That's just, well, amazing considering the systems at hand.

NIntendo did pull a quick price drop on the system after a slow start and now, it seems in Japan at least, it's gotten to the 5 million milestone quicker then three of Nintendo's most popular platforms. Now, we'll have to see if it keeps going in terms of sales, but this should make Nintendo happy.
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