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Last year, WWE 13 had probably the best single player campaign in the franchise history with Attitude Era mode, allowing us to relive and recreate classic matches and moments from the era. I absolutely loved it and wondered how the WWE Games team could top themselves. Well they may very well do it this year as the 30 Years of WrestleMania mode has been revealed for WWE2K14.

To celebrate the milestone of WrestleMania 30 next year, 2KGames is taking us on a ride through history, allowing us to play 30 years worth of iconic matches throughout WrestleMania history with a roster spanning more than three decades. The mode will start off at the very first WrestleMania and take players on a journey of more than 45 iconic matches over the companies history including Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant at WrestleMania 3, The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan at Wrestle mania 18, and The Rock vs. John Cena at Wrestle Mania 28. 

The matches will be organized into a progressive single player campaign broken up into five eras in WWE history. Authenticity will be a big factor as well as the mode will include recreated arenas, Superstar entrances, ring attires as well as era-specific graphics, screen filters and other presentation elements. The game will also feature amazing original video packages and in-game cutscenes produced by the WWE to help set the stage and give key information on these historic matches. Finally, like Attitude Era mode last year, players will be able to complete historical objectives that will earn them rewards such as additional playable characters, alternate attires, arenas, WWE archive footage and more. 

The WWE2K14 30 Years of WrestleMania Mode roster reveal is scheduled for this Saturday, August 17, at 12:30PM PDT at SummerSlam Axxess and will be hosted by Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and Damien Sandow. The stream will be available to watch live on their official Twitch stream.

I honestly cannot wait for this and I'm really looking forward to seeing what matches we will get to experience in the game. It seems like they are going all out with the roster so I am hoping to see some of the following matches in game. 

Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon - Ladder Match - Wrestle Mania 10 
Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart - Ironman match - Wrestle Mania 12
Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - I Quit Match - Wrestle Mania 13
John Cena vs. JBL - Wrestle Mania 21
Edge vs. Mick Foley - Wrestle Mania 22
Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker - Wrestle Mania 25

WWE2K14 releases October 29th of this year. If you pre-order you will get The Ultimate Warrior as a bonus and if you pre-order the Phenom Edition you will also get American Badass Undertaker along with other goodies. 

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