$1.9 million is the finally tally for Shroud of the Avatar

by: John -
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Richard Garriot's return to the RPG seems to be a success so far. The Kickstarter campaign, which was looking for $1 million, almost doubled its goal with a finally tally of $1.919,275. 

Shroud of the Avatar is being built on the Unity engine and will come with yearly releases. It will feature multiplayer capabilities, but you won't have to pay any subscription fee to play. One of the nice things I like about the project is the inclusion of real world items that harkens back to the day when you got thing such as maps and trinkets with your boxed copy of games.

I'm excited to see how this project goes as the video showing off the concept seems fun. With the extra money, Richard's team is able to put in a lot more than they originally planned. Shroud of the Avatar is looking to be released this October. in beta format. 

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