2014 Independent Games Festival Announces Student Showcase Winners

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This year's IGF has announced the winners of the twelfth annual Student Showcase- which takes entries from university game programs from all over the world. This year there were 346 entries on PC, console and mobile platforms, and only eight winners. All eight games will be playable on the Expo show floor of the 2013 Game Developers Conference from March 17-21. Each team also received a $1,000 prize and two All-Access Passes to the GDC, plus five Expo Passes. All eight titles are also finalists for the IGF's Best Student Game award that will be given on March 19, 2014, which will award them an additional $2,000.

This year's finalists are:

Museum of Simulation Technology by Albert Shih of Carnegie Mellon University

Engare by Mahdi Bahrami & Moslem Rasouli of NHTV University of Applied Science

Risk of Rain by Hopoo Games of the University of Washington

Symmetrain by Philipp Beau & Daniel Goffin of the University of Amsterdam and Universitiy of Kassel

Westerado by Ostrich Banditos of HKU

Rhythm Doctor by Hafiz Azman & Winston Lee of the University of Cambridge

Foiled by Unbalanced Peanuts of NYU

Cyber Heist by Hack n' Hide of the University of Utah


Honorable mentions include:

Ladylike by Nina Freeman, Emmett Butler, David Cross & Winnie Song of NYU and NYU Poly; UN EP by Ian Snyder of the Kansas City Art Institute; Rabbit Rush by Caterpillar Lane of RMIT; Flying Fish by The Grey Room of The Academy of Interactive Entertainment; and Bokida by Rice Cooker Republic of the Institut de Création et d'Animation Numériques.

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