Outlaw Golf 2

Outlaw Golf 2

Written by Charles Husemann on 9/24/2004 for
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In case you missed them (or want to check out the hot chicks in the screenshots again) we've already covered a few of the gameplay modes here and here. Without further plugs here's the new info.

It’s pretty obvious right from the start that Outlaw Golf 2 isn’t your run of the mill golf game. Proper golf etiquette, attire and the general slow pace of the game flies out the window when you pop this puppy into your console. Over the next few weeks we’re going to illustrate this by giving gamers a deeper look into some of the game modes that they’ll be able to play both offline and online when the game releases this October. So buckle up while we introduce you to the wacky side of golf!!!

Vegas is a team-based game for four people. It’s played like a regular stroke-based game, except at the end of each hole, your team’s scores are combined, with the lowest score becoming the first digit, and the highest becoming the second. The team with the lowest combined score wins the hole, and is awarded money in the amount of the difference between the two teams’ scores.

Like to gamble? Then this is your game. In Casino, you have to ante up a buck for every shot you take. At the end of the hole, the player with the least number of strokes takes the pot, although you can fold at any time if you’re scared of losing your shirt. Just remember: this is golf, so bluffing won’t do you a whole lot of good here.

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