Hooked Up – SpongeBob DS Style Kit

Hooked Up – SpongeBob DS Style Kit

Written by Dan Keener on 12/24/2009 for DS  
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Welcome to Hooked Up, the Gaming Nexus series that puts the spotlight on gaming related products that impact the Video Game experience. This week we take a look at SAKAR International’s SpongeBob 9-1 Style Kit for Nintendo DS/DSi.

What is it?
The SpongeBob DS Styles kit is an all-in-one accessory solution for any fan of the DS and SpongeBob Squarepants.

Usually when you start getting into the world of accessories for gaming devices, you have the good, bad and unbearable to sift through. However, SAKAR has created an extremely appealing 9-1 kit that should appeal to the younger DS gamers on many levels. The first thing you notice is that it is full of nothing but practical items, not the useless junk that many kits pawn off on unsuspecting parents. Not only is there a fairly roomy bag, but it also includes four individual game cases, a neck strap, USB cable and a car charger adapter.

The headphones aren’t too bad with solid construction, a long cord and decent enough sound. The one knock on them is that the buds may be a little too large for smaller ears which may include the target audience of children ages 4 and up. The neck strap is a nice addition, as it connects directly to the DS chassis, but is detachable, so when they don’t want it around their neck, the user can unhook it for storage or to share. The USB cable and car charger adapter are almost a must have in today’s on-the-go gaming, and each would sell for around $8 - $10 on their own, so to be included in the kit at this price is excellent.

The cases are fairly standard fair, with four individual units (instead of the three-pack commonly seen in stores), but without the ability to see which game is inside without actually opening them (they are solid white in color). Unfortunately, the SpongeBob branding is a bit inconsistent with half of the items only having stickers (such as the four cases and the USB cables) while the case, strap and car charger have actual designs screened on them. The one concern is that the stickers may easily wear or be pulled away from the surface of the highly used cases and USB cable over time.

Great Value
Ear buds have good sound
Accessory choices are practical and necessary
Character branding is done well

Ear buds a bit big
Stickers on some items will wear
Cases need to be opened to see what game inside

Gaming Impact
The main gaming impact is what the 9 in 1 kit provides to Nintendo DS owners on a daily basis. Besides a cool SpongeBob themed accessory pack, the USB cable, car charger adapter and case will be invaluable. These are needed for any gamer on-the-go. While the price isn’t that high at $19.99, the sheer amount of items that are included and will be used is a smart option for any gamer or parent.

The Skinny
The SAKAR 9-1 SpongeBob DS Style Kit provides a lot of necessary accessories for any DS owner that uses their device a lot. Parents will love the great value with a $19.99 price tag and kids will enjoy having their DS decked out in SpongeBob of Hello Kitty (it contains the same basic contents, only with a Hello Kitty theme) branded stuff. While the kit itself contains smart choices, a few of them could have been more thought out in terms of user friendliness (solid color cases, big earbuds). However, if you need some add-ons for that newly acquired DS this Holiday Season, then look no further than the SAKAR kits to get your kids what they don’t know they need at a great price.

Where to Find/Buy
The SAKAR 9-1 SpongeBob Style Kit can be purchased at Fry’s Electronics and Toys-R-Us while the Hello Kitty version () can be had directly from the SAKAR website or Toys-R-Us. Each sells for an approximate price of $19.99 - $21.99.

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Hooked Up – SpongeBob DS Style Kit Hooked Up – SpongeBob DS Style Kit Hooked Up – SpongeBob DS Style Kit Hooked Up – SpongeBob DS Style Kit Hooked Up – SpongeBob DS Style Kit

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