Able Planet Gamer's Choice Headset

Able Planet Gamer's Choice Headset

Written by Sean Cahill on 4/5/2013 for PC  
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In the world of PC gaming, accessories can make or break everything about the a setup.  It has always been suggested that the need to push for the most expensive piece of equipment, whether it be a keyboard, mouse, or headset, is paramount to ensuring the best possible experience.  In the past couple of years, however, this has changed.  Yes, there are a lot of high priced items out there that are supposed to be the best, but what about getting quality without destroying your bank account?  For those looking for quality sound and not having to shell out three figures, look no further than Able Planet's Gamer's Choice headphones.

Able Planet, in the past, has focused directly on audio components to make everyday life more enjoyable with clarity and quality.  Their patented LINX AUDIO technology that truly provide a leg up when it comes to the complete package.  Now, with the Gamers' Choice headphones, PC gamers all over can enjoy quality sound at an affordable price.  The Gamers' Choice comes with a couple of options for easy installation no matter where a gamer is at and what his or her needs are.  Two primary attachments and two adapters come packaged with the headset, including a standard hookup with direct volume control on the cord.  This attachment is ideal for keeping the sound private and for your ears only, whether it be on the PC, a handheld gaming system such as a Nintendo DS, PSP, or Vita, or even just on your personal smartphone for mobile gaming.

The second attachment is truly meant for the PC gamer, and that is a detachable and fully adjustable microphone with a couple of different options to connect.  The connector has both the standard green and pink audio ports that will cover both the input and output directly, which are easy enough to use for a laptop or the front of a PC.  However, a USB attachment is also included in this package that allows for a simply plug-and-play with onboard drivers that make setup as easy as it gets.  The final adapter is for those who have to deal with the dreaded 2.5mm plug-in, which covers the final port necessary for all connections possible.

The specifications of the Gamers' Choice headset offers a nice range for the frequency response that starts at 20Hz and ending at 20 kHz.  In comparison to other headsets that I've listened to with comparable range, I found the clarity of the Gamers' Choice to be superior on the high and mid range sounds, using a wide range of audio to test out just how clean and crisp the sound is.  While I loved the highs and mids, the low end did leave a little to be desired, but for a headset, I don't need heavy bass in my ear.  That can be more of a distraction, and the bass that is provided by the Gamers' Choice is ample enough to get the job done.  While these are not surround headphones, don't let that be a deterrent that these are a step down from those 5.1 surround headsets that have suddenly flooded the market, especially if those headsets are simulated surround.  I will take clarity over surround in any product, and the Gamers' Choice wins that battle.

The last test I ran was to test out the sound quality of the microphone on various voice messaging programs and recorders.  Ventrilo and Skype showed absolutely no problems with the clarity of my voice and did a great job eliminating background sound.  Even if there is a minor issue with not being a loud speaker, the fully adjustable boom allows for the quieter speakers to talk at their own volume without the worry of being heard.  I also had the chance to test this out with a couple of professional VoIP phone programs, specifically Avaya One-X, and while that system can be incredibly picky with headsets, the Gamers' Choice did very well and worked with the program seamlessly via the USB adapter.

Saving the best for last in this review, I talked earlier about how the market for PC accessories seems to skew for the bigger, badder, better, and most expensive accessories someone can find.  The truth to this, though, is that not every gamer out there has an unlimited budget.  Able Planet must realize this, as the Gamers' Choice headset sells on their online marketplace for a very affordable $49.99.  The headset comes in a wide range of colors to choose from, meaning that gamers aren't stuck with the simple colors of black or blue that seem to be the most available color with other headsets.  Couple the price and customization with the fact that the headset sounds great, and you may have one of the best options for audio and voice out there.
Able Planet's head-first dive into the world of PC gaming has resulted in a high quality headset with clean, crisp sound at a more than affordable price that will make a gamer feel they got the best out there without breaking the bank.

Rating: 9 Excellent

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company.

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