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There are just so many games to play and so little time. Sometimes it is hard to choose which you are going to sink your valuable time into when there are so many options available to you. Reviews can only give you so much information about a game, sometimes you just need to see how things play out in order to decide if it is right for you or not. We want to help with that.

In addition to our regular streams on Twitch, which you can access via the link at the top of the page, you can check out a few new videos that we are putting on YouTube giving you a glimpse of the various experiences that different games have to offer. In our “Gaming Nexus plays” series of videos we are going to give you a glimpse at the initial experience in some of the industry’s newest releases. This week, for example, you can check out the introductory stages of recent releases such as OlliOlli 2, Helldivers, and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

We will try to post these on the main page here whenever they become available.

Magic goes free to play on PC, consoles, and more this Summer

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I have been a huge supporter of the Duels of the Planeswalker series since it began back in 2009. Honestly, it was what introduced me to the world of Magic the Gathering after watching my friends play the actual card game for nearly two decades up until then. The series has made incremental improvements to the series over the past couple of years but this year things are going to change drastically. Wizards of the Coast has announced Magic Duels: Origins for release this coming July.

Magic Duels is the successor to the Duels of the Planeswalkers franchise and this year’s edition will tie in directly with the upcoming Origins card set. This is intended to be the foundation for a product that will evolve over time as regularly scheduled DLC will be released over time in order to keep it up to date with the new card sets that are released. Some of the other features being touted for the new franchise are an improved deckbuilder (with detailed guidance), the addition of Planeswalker cards, expanded multiplayer modes including the return of Two-Headed Giant, weekly community challenges, and much more.

The most surprising part of this announcement is that the game is being distributed as free-to-play. Wizards has stated up front that all content for the game is earnable within the confines of gameplay, so you will never have to spend money unless you choose to do so on your own accord. The game will launch in July on the Xbox One, PC and mobile devices. A PlayStation 4 version is also planned to launch later this year.



Windows 10 will have Xbox integration

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One of the major news items coming out of GDC is that Windows 10 will have Xbox Live functionality built into the OS. So what can you do with it?

Well, how about streaming your Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC? A lot of companies are doing this now ranging from PC to PC and console to handheld. Microsoft will let you do it from console to PC. To help facilitate playing on the PC, a new wireless dongle will be released in the future to let you use your Xbox One controller on the PC, just like how the 360 had this option.

Since Xbox Live is integrated, you'll be able to chat with your Xbox Live friends from your PC as well as share and view game clips.

Something that Microsoft is trying again will be cross-platform gaming between a PC and an Xbox One. Shadowrun was their first attempt way back on the Xbox 360 and while that didn't really take off, perhaps developers can find some really interesting ways for PC and Xbox One folks to square off or play together.

Some of these features won't be there out of the box when Windows 10 ships, but it's a sign of things to come for those who are in the Microsoft ecosystem of gaming.

News Roundup - 03/05/2015

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FarmVille developer Zynga's new mobile game Dawn of Titans looks kind of incredible

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I know right?!

Last year, Zynga bought NaturalMotion, a company you probably know best for creating the Euphoria engine used in Rockstar's games starting with GTA IV and the Force Unleashed games. This game is a result of that purchase, so it's definitely more legitimate than if it had been made by the same group of individuals that made FarmVille.

The game is a strategy game with thousands of units fighting each other, spearheaded by large characters called Titans, hence the title of the game. All of the armies are controlled using simple swiping movements. In the video, embedded below, it reminds me of a cross between Battle for Middle Earth and the Total War series. It looks great visually, and it's really pretty amazing when you realize it's a mobile game.

Let's just hope it's not filled to the brim with microtransactions and prompts to invite your friends. It is a mobile game, after all.

First print of Rodea the Sky Soldier will include Wii version

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Rodea the Sky Soldier is a title we've been hearing about for a long time. The game suffered through a tumultuous development period, often being referred to as vaporware. Yuji Naka's team at Prope began developing the game for Wii way back in 2010, but eventually transitioned the title over for a simultaneous release on 3DS and Wii U. The game is finally coming to Japan in April and will arrive in America this fall, but fans who buy the first print run of this game will get a special extra.

It turns out the Wii version of Rodea was actually completed, and first-run editions of the Wii U game will include that original Wii version. This is almost unheard of--an earlier build of a game, finished and gold-certified, releasing alongside the final, current-gen version. This is a great way to reward early adopters. I was already excited to finally play Rodea the Sky Soldier, but now I'll definitely get my pre-order in.

Source: Nintendolife 

Nintendo is hosting New 3DS demos at select Best Buy locations

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The New 3DS XL has been out for a couple weeks in America, but Nintendo isn't letting the hype train slow down just yet. At select Best Buy locations throughout the country, they'll be hosting demos of current games like Majora's Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. You'll also be able to pick up a streetpass tag from Eiji Aonuma, the legendary director of the Zelda series. The demo takes place this Saturday (3-7) from 1pm to 4pm. Check out this link to see if any stores near you are participating. I'll probably drop by the Polaris Best Buy to check out the event.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendence DLC Early Weapon Access trailer

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Now that the guns have gone all futuristic in the Call of Duty franchise with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, I just have one question: How do all those fancy guns work?  That futuristic weapon you start with, for example, just sort of spins its chamber when you reload it.  What is that about?  

Oh well.  I guess you don't need to now how it works to headshot babies sitting on their mommies's laps with it.  Am I right?

Anyway, this trailer features the super-fancy OHM directed energy hybrid weapon.  It can switch between an light machine gun and shotgun on the fly for soldiers out there who just can't decide.  Here's the thing though, it's a "directed energy" weapon that clearly comes equipped with a belt full of shiny bullets.  Okay, so they call it a hybrid, but I still want to know how it works.  The OHM DEHW is in the Ascendance DLC pack which also features the OHM DEHW Werewolf custom variant.  

Xbox Season Pass holders can pick up the Ascendance Pack right now.  Buy the Season Pass here.  

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Game Tracks: The Escapists "Free Period Music"

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Track: "Free Period Music"
Game: The Escapists

This Western-tinged instrumental sounds like Red Dead's John Marston doing hard time behind neon jail bars. Keep your shiv sharp for our upcoming review of prison RPG, The Escapists.

New Evolve mode aims to put on a show

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Turtle Rock is determined to make Evolve Turtle Rock is determined to make Evolve into a competitive shooter. In order to help show how they envision it in the competitive world, the developer along with 2K is preparing a new mode for the game that will launch soon. The Observer Mode, which will be free to all owners of the game, is headed to all platforms very soon. The mode will let players livestream the action of all five players in a match without any additional equipment.

The mode allows a sixth, non-playing spectator to join custom matches with a special, informative HUD that updates in realtime throughout the course of the match. The observing player can use this information to commentate on the action and give insight to the match. You can check out the video below for an example of the Observer Mode in action and look forward to picking it up on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One very soon.

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