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Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition Review

Today is the 10th Anniversary of one of gaming's most amazing feats

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If you haven't heard of or seen EVO Moment 37, click the video below and prepare to witness one of gaming's greatest feats. If you have seen the video before, it is worth watching again. Some context: now legendary fighting game players Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong were duking it out in the loser's finals of EVO 2004's Street Fighter 3: Third Strike tournament. As you can see in the video, Wong had the upperhand in the battle (Umehara only had a chip of health left) and was just about to end the fight with his Chun Li's Super Art when Umehara turned the tides by parrying all of the Super Art's hits then countering with his own to win the match. You hear the crowd go wild as Wong just stares at the screen in disbelief. It truly is a magic moment.

What makes this video so amazing is that Umehara predicted Wong's every move. You can see him dancing back and forth and Wong prepares to use the Super Art, because Umehara knows he has to be a set distance away to parry the hits. Even more impressive is the parrying itself. Parrying is an advanced form of blocking that allows you to block without taking damage (normal blocking in Street Fighter results in chip damage). Rather than just holding back, you have to hit forward at the exact moment of impact to parry an attack. If Daigo had blocked rather than parried, he would have died after a single hit. This moment was included as an achievement in the remake of Street Fighter 3, cementing in forever in the game's history. 

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Flappy Bird is back, but only on Amazon Fire

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After taking his ultra popular game off iOS and Android indie developer Dong Nguyen promised that Flappy Bird would make a return, and now it has but not in a place people were expecting. The once popular mobile game has been renamed Flappy Birds Family, and is now an Amazon Fire exclusive. If you haven't heard of it, Amazon Fire is a game console/streaming device released by Amazon earlier this year. The game is still free, and has more characters, obstacles, and modes that its predecessor. 

I was actually looking forward to checking out the new modes in Flappy Birds Family until I found out I couldn't get it on my iPhone. I wonder what Amazon has to do to get that exclusive. I can't imagine the game will find as big of a following on Amazon Fire, but who knows maybe there are some hardcore Flappy fans who will buy the console just to play the new version. 

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Get ready to try out PlayStation Now, but bring lots of money

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Sony’s investment in Gaikai is finally paying off for gamers as the PlayStation Now service is readily available on the PlayStation Network. Granted, the program is in its beta form at this time, but you can now stream some of your favorite PlayStation 3 games to your PS4... for a fee of course.

There are more than 100 titles available at the moment, with different rental options. I have to be honest though, they are all pretty expensive. Rental terms vary from a few hours up to 90 days, with the 90-day rentals costing as much, if not more, than you can but many of the games for at retail. Sony intends on addressing this in the near future and the pricing system is far from final.

You can check out how the system works below:

How do the Mortal Kombat X character variations differ?

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When Mortal Kombat X was shown off back at E3, one of the biggest surprises that Ed Boon and company had up their sleeves were the character variations. The inclusion of this mechanic will add quite a bit of variety to what will undoubtedly already be a diverse cast of fighters. Many gamers, including myself, have been curious as to just how much these variations will alter the characters abilities and styles. NetherRealm understands this and is starting to shed some light on just how the characters will be altered given your choice of style / variation.

The official Mortal Kombat X Facebook page, has started releasing images that profile and explain the different choices for some of the characters. So far, they have posted information for both Sub-Zero and D’vorah. The images also allow you to see the slight visual differences that exist between the variations as well. You can check out the official images below, but let’s run down their explanations:

  • Grandmaster Sub-Zero: “In his Grandmaster variation, Sub-Zero can generate ice clones that improve his trapping abilities. These clones freeze opponents on contact and can also be used as projectiles.”
  • Unbreakable Sub-Zero: “This variation is focused on defense. To counter rushdowns, Sub-Zero possesses the ability to create ice shields that freeze opponents in their tracks. He can also create ice armor which helps to reduce chip damage.”
  • Cryomancer Sub-Zero: “This variation gives Sub-Zero the ability to create ice weapons. Armed with hammers, swords and daggers, Cryomancer is ideal for a fast paced rushdown style of play.”
  • Brood Mother D’vorah: “This variation gives D’vorah the ability to launch a crawling minion that locks down her opponent. D’vorah can then maneuver into close range and attack with relative ease.”
  • Swarm Queen D’vorah: “In this variation D’vorah has the ability to summon a wasp tornado, lifting opponents into the air. She can also throw explosive bug bombs. These moves are excellent zoning tactics. Special moves in the Swarm Bee variation can also be used as combo openers.”
  • Venomous D’vorah: “In this variation, all of D’vorah’s ovipositor attacks poison the opponent and are highly effective for rushdowns. This variation also allows for better chip damage and tactically matches up well against strong defensive opponents.”

It’s so gorgeous: The Last of Us Remastered is out now

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I am sure that you know by now, via the tons of headlines across the web or our own streaming earlier this week, but Naughty Dog’s PS4 update to The Last of Us is now available at retailers nationwide (as well as digitally). Granted, the original release was just over a year ago, but it has already been given a complete overhaul for Sony’s new system as The Last of Us Remastered. The game looks absolutely amazing and is as good as ever. Don’t take it from me, check out the launch trailer for the game below and see why this adventure is worth revisiting.

On a side note, could this be the first time that a title earns Game of the Year awards in two consecutive years? It is completely possible...


News Roundup - 07/31/2014

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BioWare shows never-before-seen Mass Effect 4 stuff at Comic-Con

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In this Comic-Con 2014 video, called "Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect," BioWare discusses what's what so far in Mass Effect 4 ("It's not Mass Effect 4").

First up is male and female armor, which are virtually indistinguishable from one another. I'm being ridiculous, but I'm disappointed that the look and feel strays further and further from the original Mass Effect's '70s and '80s retro-futurism.

Also, the terrestrial exploration vehicle—the Mako—is back from the first Mass Effect. I'm glad. It's removal was one of many cases where BioWare bowed to the complaints of a vocal minority.

Long video. But BioWare's marketing machine is going full throttle on Dragon Age: Inquisition at the moment. And while I'm 100% excited for Inquisition, hopefully they'll open up the flood gates on info for the next Mass Effect once Inquisition has enjoyed its limelight.

Pre-order Hatoful Boyfriend, the only pigeon-dating sim you'll ever need

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Circle August 21 on your calendars, because this is about love. True love. Pigeon love. If you only play one pigeon-dating sim this year, make it Hatoful Boyfriend

You heard me. Hatoful Boyfriend is a visual novel/dating sim where all your prospective romances are birds—and it's up for pre-order on Steam at the standard 10% off. (Hey, anybody that romanced Garrus in Mass Effect can't say nothin'. That dude is pretty much a bird, too.) Chuck Huseman, our editor in chief, couldn't explain it, but he had a blast with Hatoful Boyfriend at E3 anyway.

Of course it's absurdist. And of course we're trying to get our hands on some review code.


August will be Mega-May all over again for the 3DS and Wii U

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Remember how Capcom released all of the Game Boy and GBC Mega Man titles back in May?  Well according to a post over at Capcom Unity it's time for another month of the blue bomber starting today with the release of Mega Man Battle Network for the 3DS and Wii U's eShop.  If you've never played a Battle Network game, this is definitely one to check out.  It's not your traditional side-scroller like the classic and X games, but it's an interesting take on the franchise...even if the first game's network layout made things confusing (later games in the series made it easier to tell just what part of the net you were in).

But wait, there's more.  Every Thursday in August will see the release of another classic Mega Man game.  The games will be Mega Man 5 (NES), Mega Man 6 (NES...and still not on the Wii yet :D), Mega Man X3, and Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge (a spin-off of the Battle Network games).  The order of release will be a mystery, but as long as MM5 is released before MM6, then order really doesn't matter to me.

[image courtesy of Capcom Unity]

Killer Instinct Season 1 coming to retail stores and includes TJ Combo

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When the new Killer Instinct launched last year it was a download only games and since then fans have been begging for a physical release of the game.

Well they got their wish as the Killer Instinct Combo Breaker pack will be hitting retail stores on September 23rd for $19.99.

The game comes with all season 1 fighters including Jago, Saberwulf, Glacius, Orchid, Sadira, Spinal, Fulgore and Thunder. 

Also, buying the game will get you a code to unlock TJ Combo free when Season 2 launches this fall. 

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