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Xbox Music may get a subscription based service when it launches this fall.

by: Nathan -
Xbox Music was announced at E3 and will go live later this year. It appears that it could also feature a service to rival iTunes. Microsoft is currently in talks with Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Corp's music division and EMI. The potential plan is to offer Xbox Music users a monthly and annually subscription for streaming similar to Spotify. They will also offer straight sales of music like iTunes.

Also rumored is an online locker type service so you can access your music through any mobile device running Windows 8.

This news sounds good for people that want this feature but I just have this feeling that either next gen or the generation after videogames are going to be an afterthought. Imagine Microsoft taking the stage at E3 2020 or whatever and saying "hey, you can watch movies, download and stream music, watch television, surf the web, facetime with friends, conference, and... oh yeah you can play games as well BUT here is a brand new feature coming to Xbox, Movies you can watch while they are in theaters!" 

If you missed it... be sure to check out the Xbox Music trailer here 
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