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EA predicts NCAA football National Champ

by: Elliot -
EA unveiled a new website that is dedicated to the BCS Championship. The site will use NCAA Football 08 to predict the winners of all the big games through the next few weeks. The site can be found by clicking here, but for whatever I can't get the thing to work. Maybe the site knew I was from Ohio, so it was sheilding my eyes from the possibility of another National Championship loss. Either way.... GO BUCKS!



BCSPreview.com Gives Fans a Sneak Peek at Bowl Game Match Ups Using

NCAA Football 08 Simulations


Click Here to Download Video



December 20, 2007 – Today, EA SPORTS unveiled BCSPreview.com, a website featuring NCAA Football 08 simulations of the highly anticipated Bowl Championship Series.  The website provides final bowl game scores generated from simulations of the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl and the BCS National Championship game.


The NCAA Football 08 engine simulates the games based on each team’s roster and their players’ statistics.  Using the most current information available, the teams go head-to-head in a computer-generated match up.  The final results from these simulations are posted on BCSPreview.com.  In addition to scores, exclusive highlight videos of each of the simulations are available on the website.


Fans pledging allegiance to a particular NCAA school will be eager to check out the additional features on BCSPreview.com.  Game specific wallpapers are available for download free of charge, plus the website has an absolute must for every loyal fan - the Taunt-O-Gram.  The Taunt-O-Gram allows visitors to send emails showcasing their favorite team’s colors and logos.  Rather than simply typing an email that is read by the recipient, users type a message that is delivered in the form of a zealous virtual cheerleader.  The Taunt-O-Gram can be used to hassle rivals or to express excitement for a favorite team.


The Bowl Championship Series kicks off New Year’s Day with the Rose Bowl (USC vs. Illinois) and the Sugar Bowl (Hawaii vs. Georgia).  The Series continues on January 2nd with the Fiesta Bowl (Oklahoma vs. West Virginia) and the Orange Bowl (Kansas vs. Virginia Tech) on January 3rd.  The National Championship game will be held January 7th when #2 ranked LSU goes up against #1 ranked Ohio State.


Visit www.BCSPreview.com throughout the Bowl Championship Series for all of the results and videos from the NCAA Football 08 simulations.  BCSPreview.com will be available until January 7, 2008, the day of the final game in the Series.

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