The Plant Cultivation Update has arrived in Green Hell

by: Kinsey -
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What's a jungle without plants? Any gardeners playing Green Hell will be happy to know that a bright new world of plant cultivation has opened up for them. 

This update has added a number of new gameplay mechanics, including:

  • Farming: 15 plants are available to be cultivated, whether it’s seeds harvested from fruit or shoots of bamboo replanted in your garden space.
  • New Constructions: Build the new planting box and small planting box for all your camp farming needs.
  • Fertilizer: Some items can be used as fertilizer for a happier, healthier garden. Plants are able to grow without it, but they’ll grow much better with a little fertilizer.
  • Seeds: Harvest seeds from the fruit you find in the wild to cultivate back at camp. Once planted, plants will respawn fruit.
  • Green Thumbs Only: Plants don’t just survive. They need a little bit of care and attention! Proper hydration and fertilizer are imperative to happy, healthy gardens.