Logitech bringing back the iconic MX518 mouse with updated internals

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The Logitech MX518 mouse is one of the best mice ever made. Period. That shape, feel, and performance was incredible. In fact, I reviewed the MX518 14 years ago.

Logitech is answering the call from fans and bringing back the MX518 for today's gamers. The sensors have been updated to the HERO 16K sensor and includes a 32-bit ARM processor. There are 8 programmable buttons and the ability to save configs onto its onboard memory.

The shell itself has also gone with some refinement with better materials and a "Nightfall" finish.

You can pre-order from Logitech right now for $59.99, but it should be available pretty quickly.


You asked for it, we did it. 

Over the years, our community has consistently asked us to bring back the legendary Logitech G MX518, which many consider to be the finest gaming mouse of all time. 

Today we are excited to announce that the new MX518 gaming mouse is now available to fans around the world.

The reborn MX518 retains the same shape and feel of the original that made it famous but is updated to the very latest, next-generation technologies, including HERO 16K sensor and the addition of a 32-bit ARM processor for a super fast 1ms report rate. The MX518 also features eight programmable buttons so you can bind custom commands. With onboard memory, you can also save your preferences directly to the mouse, so you can use it on different systems without the need to install custom software or reconfigure your settings. 

But we didn’t just improve the inside. While the shape remains the same, we updated the materials and added an exclusive “Nightfall” finish for a sophisticated and contemporary look when crafting this meticulous evolution of our legendary mouse.

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