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No radio piece today, we'll be back next week when Brian gets back. It's a shame as I had a good "Who let the dogs out" joke with Nintendogs coming out this week but oh well. On with the releases

187 Ride or Die - PS2, Xbox,GC
Nintendogs - DS
Hulk:Ultimate Destruction - Xbox, PS2
Advance Wars:Dual Strike - DS
NHRA Championship Drag Racing - PS2
King of Fighters 2002/2003 - Xbox
Inuyasha: Feudal Combat - PS2
NIBIRU: Age of Secrets -PC

187 Ride or Die looks like it might make a good rental but the one I'm looking forward to this week is Hulk:Ultimate Destruction. If you own a DS I'm not sure how you pass on Nintendogs, unless you hate animals or something.
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