Take On Mars adds mod support in Workbench update

by: Travis -
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Developer Bohemia Interactive has released a new update for rover simulation game Take On Mars. With the latest update, titled Workbench, the game now supports total conversions and mods with added features and tools for mod makers. Additional content has been designed in a modular fashion which allows mod makers to replace entire game assets ranging from scripts to general functionality.

As well, the TKOM Loader is included that allows for extraction of various game data for use with mod creation. Also included is the Workbench editing suite that contains the same tools used in creating Take On Mars. Lastly, additional crater locations are included with North and South polar caps, improved Lyot Crater, and work-in-progress Isidis Planitia.

Further details can be found on the new Take On Mars website. Take On Mars is available now through the Steam Early Access program.

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