SSF4 Arcade version is getting new characters, but who?

by: Jeremy -
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Ok, Capcom... let’s stop with the hints already. The Japanese development blog for Super Street Fighter IV has been updating readers on the progress of the arcade port of the hit console game for a while. Readers and gamers alike were excited when the game first hit test locations in Japan and included 2 additional character slots on the selection screen. Capcom has been adding fuel to the fire by refusing to say for sure that there would be new characters added to the roster. A recent posting at the development blog “supposedly” gave us a hint as who or what is coming but it left many interested gamers confused.

See the image below? That is supposed to be some sort of hint. What do skateboards and rollerblades have to do with Street Fighter? Well, let me tell you: Yun and Yang. The two are expected to be officially announced this week at the Tokyo Game Show but they were recently outed in the latest locations tests around Japan. The forums over at Shoryuken are buzzing with location reports from Japanese gamers who have had a chance to check out the latest version and get their hands on the two newest roster editions.

Hopefully we will get some official, direct feed media this week out of TGS... 

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