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Remember those special Gears 3 unlocks? Well, forget about it...

by: Jeremy -
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Quite a while back, Epic Games had announced that they were planning on including some special unlocks in the upcoming Gears of War 3 for gamers who had saves on their system from other Epic games. Well, now it looks as if that isn’t going to happen...

According to the previous announcement, Gears of War 3 players who had save son their system from Bulletstorm, Unreal Tournament 3, and Shadow Complex would be awarded with some special items in the game. A recent Tweet from Epic’s Joe Graf states that the idea is being tossed out due to some issues discovered during development.

“Turns out that we can’t read the Bulletstorm, Shadow Complex, and UT3 Achievements for unlocks in Gears 3 after all. Sorry about that all”

I don’t think that anyone was expecting anything major to be unlocked through this cross promotion so I find it hard to believe that anything of real value was lossed. Capcom recently used this method of cross promotion in the last year’s releases of Lost Planet 2 and Super Street Fighter IV. Both games gave players access to addition costumes and skins with them simply by having saves from related games on their hard drive(s). Oh well...

Source: OXM
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