Other Places videographer travels through DayZ

by: Randy -
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Andy "Ultrabrilliant" Kelly, creator of the excellent Other Places video series, filmed the often-rainy, harshly survivalist world of DayZ. What's remarkable about DayZ's setting is, perhaps, just how unremarkable it is. Chernarus has all the charm of post-Soviet Eastern Europe, which is to say, it lacks charm entirely. But that's part of its charm. The blankets of pine and deciduous trees, the brutalist housing apartments, the Eastern Orthodox church, the lonely train depot – all of it adds up to a mournful rendition of the zombie apocalypse.

Watch Kelly's other Other Places videos, which swing cameras through wonderful video game locations like BioShock's Rapture, Grand Theft Auto V's San Andreas, and Skyrim's Skyrim. 

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