New WWE All Stars trailer makes zero sense

by: Jeremy -
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THQ has released a new trailer for WWE All Stars and I just don’t get it; the video, shown below, depicts “The Devil” taking on “Cupid” in a match. What?!?!

The only thing that I can infer from this is that the game might include a character editor... maybe... possibly. What other reason would these two characters be in the game if they weren’t made using an in-game editor? I would love it if there was an character editor in the game which would allow you to build all of your favorite characters that weren’t included in the official roster.

Speaking of the roster, IGN is going to be hosting a roster announcement for the game later this morning. The roster announcement is coming in two parts, one this morning and one next week. You can expect the full details on the character reveals later this morning once the information becomes public...

Source: GoNintendo 

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