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Square has launched a website for Nerkas, the corporation featured in Mindjack.  The site features some information about the "companies" products including their Mind Wave technology which allows you to control machines with your mind.  The site is what most people would call "brouchureware" but there is an Employee Login section which is just begging to be hacked (why else would you highlight something that should be private with red background against a blue background).  If you figure something out let us know in the comments.

WHAT: Official Nerkas Website goes live today

World’s Premier Developer of Next-Generation Technological Products Highlights Innovations Online, Including the Latest Proprietary Mind Wave™ Technology

NOVEMBER 22, 2010 -- Nerkas Solutions Inc., the world’s premier developer of next-generation technological products, has launched the Company’s redesigned and enhanced Internet presence at www.nerkascorp.com.

The new Web site highlights some of Nerkas Solutions’ most visionary products and provides a look inside the most advanced technology company in the world. The site contains information about current technology, future products, and highlights corporate history as well as the backgrounds of the Company’s visionary executives.

About Mind Wave™

Nerkas Solutions’ latest innovation, Mind Wave™, achieves what many once thought to be only a pipe dream of Science Fiction: direct mental control of machinery. While wearing the easy-to-use Nerkas HM-987 Neuro-Tech Headset™, users gain command over all manner of technology within the home, enabling mind-control actions such as changing the channel on the television, starting the dishwasher or commanding your cleaning robot to move into the next room.

About Nerkas Solutions

Nerkas Solutions Inc. is the world’s premier developer of next-generation technological products, from household goods to computer systems to the combat technology that keeps us safe. Nerkas Solutions products serve the needs of more than 4 billion people in more than 200 countries. Founded by visionary CEO Dr. Andrew Gardner, Nerkas Solutions’ singular mission is to meet the needs of humanity by finding innovative, efficient solutions to the world’s toughest problems.

By applying cutting-edge technology to common challenges, Nerkas Solutions has helped enhance the lives of generations… and literally changed the way mankind lives. Nerkas Solutions employs more than 478,000 people in 126 offices around the world.

For more information, please visit the Nerkas Solutions Web site at www.nerkascorp.com
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