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GOG.com (Good Old Games) is bringing to fruition a long-overdue concept:  Having, erm, good old games -- available at a pittance of today's going rate of $50 and $60 behemoths.  Plus you have the peace of mind knowing that these have passed through some old timey gamers' "classic status" filter.  This week's "new" releases:  Disciples 2 Gold and Jagged Alliance 2, going for $9.99 each.

But GOG.com has a 3-for-2 deal going on right now until December 8th:  Buy two $9.99 games and you get a $5.99 game free.  To cite their examples, you could buy Operation Flashpoint and Unreal Tournament 2004 and get FlatOut for free.  Or buy Gothic and Sacred Gold so that you can get Fallout for free.

I just wanted to shoot you a quick update about GOG.com (Good Old Games for anyone living under a rock for the last few months… for shame!). This week we've launched the first of many promos – until December 8, when you buy two $9.99 games, you get a $5.99 game for free. So that means you could, say, buy Operation Flashpoint and Unreal Tournament 2004 and get the criminally overlooked FlatOut for free. Or go RPG-crazy with Gothic and Sacred Gold, then get Fallout for free. Pretty cool, no? Check out the details: http://www.gog.com/en/page/3_for_2


Hey, you could even pick up both of this week's new releases:


Disciples 2 Gold - $9.99

It is time yet again to pick a side and journey to the dark fantasy realm of the Sacred Lands in Disciples 2 Gold. Lead your army, be it men, dwarves, demons or the undead, expand your domain and crush all who oppose you. Once you've forged your side's destiny in the fires of battle, you may send your chosen Hero toward more glory in the first two expansions - Servants of the Dark and Guardians of the Light. And if that isn't enough then prepare for the third expansion - Rise of The Elves. This time the Elves are no longer neutral and become a fully playable race, yours to command.



Jagged Alliance 2 - $9.99

The once peaceful country of Arulco has fallen under the brutal rule of "Queen" Deidranna. To satisfy her need for money and power, its industry has turned to strip mining and its people were forced under the yoke of oppression. Enrico Chivaldori, Arulco's exiled leader, used all the funds he could spare to hire you, the man with the connections with A.I.M. In Jagged Alliance 2 you choose from over 40 unique mercenaries, recover key cities and installations and, finally, kill the evil Deidranna. The future of Arulco's people rests in your hands.



JA2 is, of course, a classic… but if you've missed Disciples 2, then you really owe it to yourself to play the game… it comes with three expansions! And right now it's sitting at a solid 5 out of 5 rating from the GOG.com community.


As always – I have to keep reminding everyone – all of GOG.com's games are sold DRM-free and compatible with modern operating systems. We're still working hard to convince publishers that DRM-free isn't suicide… so help spread the word about GOG!