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More On:, the "ultimate purveyor of DRM-free acclaimed PC games from the past", has announced a partnership with Funbox Media Ltd.  Thanks to that agreement Realms of the Haunting is now available for $5.99 and Guilty Gear X2 Reload is coming soon with the same price point.  Read on for the official press release and a bit of info on the two newest additions to
Fun continues at with addition of Funbox Media games
Guilty Gear, Realms of the Haunting and more classics from Funbox available again at

Warsaw, Poland. April 5, 2011 - ( the ultimate purveyor of DRM-free acclaimed PC games from the past is happy to announce another partnership that will fill up their ever growing catalogue of classics with more great titles. Thanks to the agreement with Funbox Media Ltd., classics like Guilty Gear X2 Reload and Realms of the Haunting will relive their youth once again via

Realms of the Haunting, available now for $5.99, is a mix of first-person shooter, point-and-click adventure game with FMV sequences, and number of horror elements. The plot starts with the main character being sent to investigate a haunted mansion, which quickly turns out to be more than just a rumour but big threat for the whole of humanity. PC Zone’s review from back in the day should be the best recommendation: “It’s scary [...] A completely absorbing experience from start to finish, and it really, really deserves your attention.“

Guilty Gear X2 Reload, coming soon for $5.99, is one of the best 2D fighters on the PC platform. The game features extremely fast-paced gameplay, a cast of crazy and well-balanced characters, beautiful 2D graphics, and loads of fun game modes. Don’t look further if you want a title that will give you loads of fun in both quick 5 minute sessions or long evenings spent with this title.

Realms of the Haunting is now available for $5.99, while Guilty Gear X2 Reload and other titles will become available in the near future.

About Funbox Media
Funbox Media Limited, the UK based computer games publisher, has opened new offices in Sheffield. You can reach Funbox Media by dialling +44 (0) 114 241 2250 and fax +44 (0) 114 241 2253.
With its team of undoubted pedigree and industry experience, combined with a substantial cross-platform back catalogue and new release schedule, including a rich selection of licensed products aimed at the family and niche consumer, this makes Funbox Media an ideal trade partner for both retailers and the games industry alike.
Funbox Media is a publisher of computer video games on the leading formats including Nintendo Wii, DS, DSi, Sony Playstation 2, PSP and PC. This year it will also be launching its first products on PS3, Nintendo 3DS, I-Phone, I-Pad and I-Pod.
Some of the titles launched include Chicken Shoot, Chicken Blaster, Reel Fishing, Wild West Shootout, Garfield Gets Real, Yamaha Supercross, North American Hunting, Alpha & Omega and the Fly To Series of flight sim add-ons.

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