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When you look at strategy guides there's only one name to look for, BradyGames. As is the case every year, BradyGames is dominating the strategy guides market, accounting for more than 42 percent of the total market revenue of 2004. The success can be attributed to the quality of their guides as well as their profile nature. Brady's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas guide alone sells more copies in a week than most guides sell in their lifetime. Rather impressive stuff.
BradyGames® sweeps gaming strategy guide industry in 2004

INDIANAPOLIS - March 24, 2004 - BradyGames once again led the top of the

strategy guide charts in 2004, publishing the best-selling guide of the year - Grand Theft

Auto: San Andreas Official Strategy Guide, according to The NPD Group. This strategy

guide was not only the best-selling guide in the video category, but also the

number one selling strategy guide overall for 2004. And now, after five months in

the market place, the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas guide continues to sell more strategy

guides every week than most guides will do in their lifetime.

According to annual sales data for strategy guides from The NPD Group*, BradyGames

captured a 42 percent total market revenue share for the year, an increase of over 11

percent from 2003. The company also increased its individual video guide market share

and PC guide market share in 2004-with guides holding the top spots in both


The number one selling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas guide was closely followed by

more BradyGames guides in the Top 10. Included were their guides for FINAL

FANTASY® X-2, FINAL FANTASY® XI, Star Ocean®: Till the End of Time™, and

Spider-Man 2â„¢: The Game.

“Our continued efforts to raise the bar for quality, and working with great partners like

Rockstar, Square Enix, Blizzard, and others really made the difference for us last year,”

said David Waybright, publisher of BradyGames. “This year won't be any different for

BradyGames. We will still publish the best strategy guides on the market, and continue

to lead with innovation and value.”

It is this ambitious publishing strategy that has contributed to BradyGames' banner year

and poised it for an exceptional start to 2005.

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