Ars Technica's source says new PSP is going to be at E3, no PS3 slim

by: John -
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Ars's very successful source says that the new PSP which will not have a UMD drive will be shown at E3 while the slim PS3 will not make the show. Reason being for the omission is that Sony wants to wait on the inventory of the current PS3 to dwindle down, which might take a while. I kid, I kid. The PSP-Go was something I expected to be announced next week at E3. As a few of our staff members have pointed out, it would be silly and not in Sony's nature to announce a slim version of the PS3 this early in the console's life cycle. Chuck will be at Sony's press conference next Tuesday so I'm sure he'll have all the information on hand. (No the picture below is not the true PSP-Go)
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