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Kalypso Media has released the demo for Airline Tycoon 2 that includes three campaign missions. In each of the missions, players can create routes for air travel, customize their aircrafts, and also maintain the checkbook for finances. For anyone ever dreaming of running an airport, now is your chance to give it a test run. Note: the actual experience of managing an airport is likely more stressful.

Download the demo from one of the mirrors below:
Sample the Life of an Airline Magnate – Airline Tycoon 2 Demo Available

Ridgewood, NJ, October 12, 2011 - Kalypso Media is inviting gamers to take to the skies with a single-player demo for Airline Tycoon 2, the economic simulation coming available now in North America for Windows PC. The new demo offers players a taste of the game in the form of three campaign missions. In the role of the playable character Tuppolevsky, gamers will be able to plan routes through a huge variety of airports around the world while customizing four different models of aircraft and maintaining the finances of their airlines. To download the demo, please visit one of the mirrors listed below.

Download the demo from these mirrors
- Gamershell
- Worthplaying
- FilePlanet
- Gamespot
- GameFront

Airline Tycoon 2 is now available in North America. More information about the game is available at

A decade after the best-selling Airline Tycoon comes the long awaited sequel to the legendary tongue-in-cheek economic simulation that puts players in the role of CEO of an international airline! Airline Tycoon 2 challenges players to run a modern airline, design unique airplanes and grow a run-down carrier into a globally recognized company that passengers practically beg to fly. Airports worldwide are waiting to be explored, but beware– your rivals never rest! Crafty opponents are also working to dominate the skies…and they won’t let anything stand in the way of their goals!

Features of Airline Tycoon 2 include:
  • Build your ideal fleet of planes – use the in-game editor to craft inexpensive mass-transportation "Greyhounds in the sky“ or unique, luxury jets that spoil the elite
  • Jump into the action as one of four playable avatars with unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore your home airport in full 3D, while bossing your employees around and expanding your blossoming airline; you might even meet VIPs at the airport lounge
  • Random events bring variety to the game -- The Pope wants a special flight? Civil unrest in a global hotspot? Volcanic ash clouds above Europe? If you act quickly, you can profit from these events!
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Along with Headquarters in Worms, Germany, the company has offices in the United Kingdom and the United States. Kalypso Media also enjoys very strong global digital distribution through its Kalypso Media Digital Ltd. Subsidiary, and owns three development studios – Realmforge Studios GmbH, Gaming Minds Studios GmbH and Noumena Studios GmbH – and works with multiple leading independent developers.

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