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IDEA Games and Bohemia Interactive are on a mission to tease me with one of the best looking shooters I have seen in a long time. With recent confirmation that the game will be coming to U.S., the companies have shared some more details and three new screens for ARMA II. The background is that the 27th U.S. Marine Expeditionary Unit is foraging around in the backwoods of a former Soviet republic of Chernarus.

We already made mention of the 140+ square miles of game area, but new info includes missions taking place either cooperatively or as part of an up to 50-player massive multiplayer battle. If that isn’t your thing, then the game comes packaged with modding tools and a mission editor. Sounds like this wont be for the feint of heart, or the player lacking time to dive in. Check out the screens and more specific details of the title after the jump.
IDEA Games and Bohemia Interactive Reveal Full Details and Features For
Their Upcoming Military Simulator, ARMA II

The Ultimate Combat Experience Comes To PC This Summer

Prague, Czech Republic, May 18, 2009---Seven years since the release of
the genre defining title Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis; with
more than ten years of continual, painstaking work on engine
advancement and improvements, ARMA II bears the fruit in this much
anticipated return of the true legend. ARMA II, the ultimate military
simulator, powered by the 3rd generation of the original Real
Virtuality engine is the true sequel to the award winning and genre
defining game which made the sandbox military conflict fantasies come
true for millions of gamers!

Players will find themselves thrown into the very heart of modern
conflict, facing the ultimate realistic gaming experience directly
from the best: Bohemia Interactive, creators of the famous and award
winning Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and ArmA: Combat
Operations. Below is a look at the full details of ARMA II as they
gear up for its launch this summer.

The 27th U.S. Marine Expeditionary Unit has been deployed to the former
soviet republic of Chernarus: a small country chained to the threat of
an upcoming civil war. Force Reconnaissance Team "Razor" is among the
first to fight. This elite five-man team is about to fall down the
rabbit hole, trapped in a war not only for control of the country, but
also the hearts and minds of its people. With the might of the USMC
offshore and Russia anxiously watching from the north, the stakes
couldn't be higher. The fate of Chernarus is balanced on a razor's

Key features:
* Player-driven story: Players will have the opportunity to command
members of Force Recon Team Razor through a branching campaign full of
twists and surprises. ARMA II integrates a combination of preset
conversations with dynamic queries about the game environment: the
revolutionary "dynamic conversation system" which brings to the player
a unique gaming experience in a movie-like style. Players can talk to
soldiers in the field and civilians caught up during fights to gather
the Intel they need to further advance in the game. As a pure military
simulator, there are linguistic difficulties while speaking to native
citizens if you don't know their native tongue. Chernarussian's NPC's
speak Czech, US NPC's speak English and Russian NPC's speak Russian,

* Reality check: Bohemia Interactive's standard 225 square kilometers
of highly detailed sandbox landscape, modeled with stunning detail and
precision and using real-world geographical data, covered by 235
megapixel of accurate aerial map (15.3602 pixels) and more than 1
million objects. This game is a true environment master piece, never
seen before in first person shooter type games with 81 weapons and 136
vehicle models created to an exacting real-world schematics with
extreme precision, including 350 kilometers of roads, 50 cities and
villages full of life.

* Authentic military simulation: ARMA II simulates various aspects of
combat and environment effects form bullet ballistics and deflection
to material penetration, tracers, varying ammunition types and
stopping power, to supersonic bullet crack and weather conditions.
ARMA II benefits from the 3rd generation Real Virtuality engine
featuring advanced and semi-autonomous AI. Players will compete with
the ultimate next-gen AI: no scripts, no predefined pathways, and no
repetitive gameplay. All units react to actual game situations and use
the open environment to their advantage. Soldiers shout and use hand
gestures based on real world military doctrine, actively seeking and
using cover and also taking advantage of suppressive fire techniques.
The ARMA II system is so complex and effective that the same
simulation technology is used to train real soldiers in numerous
countries around the world.

* Live war: the campaign missions can be experienced in cooperative
mode, or players can join for duty in the massive multiplayer battles
with up to 50 players. Among standard MP modes is Warfare, introduced
in ArmA: Armed Assault, a unique combination of RTS and tactical FPS
which allows players to choose whether to control the combat with
detailed base management or instead to operate guerilla hit-and-run
tactics focusing on attack rather than defense.

* Unlimited Creativity: An intuitive and easy-to-use built in mission
editor, together with powerful modding tools, infinitely extends the
gameplay of ARMA II and moves it far above the standard gaming
experience. More than 200 character models, 81 weapons, 136 vehicles
are ready to be used in an enormous 225 square kilometers sandbox map.
Players can use default models or create completely new models and
mods can be shared with other players all around the world.
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