3D Dot Game Heroes: Retro homage, Zelda homage?

by: Tina -
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3D Dot Game Heroes has finally been given a North American release date: May 11, 2010. The PS3 exclusive action-RPG takes the retro 2D art style and bulks it up with a more modern 3D look. The king of Dotnia grew tired of looking at his 2-dimensional face in the mirror and thereby ordered everything be rendered in 3D.

If you’re a Zelda fan, the game is definitely worth checking out as it is meant to be a sort of comical tribute to the series. There’s even a mysterious character available in the character creator that goes by the name of “Green Hat” who looks remarkably like a certain Link I know. Pre-orders are being taken now if you feel like taking charge before the upcoming May release date.
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