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GN Unplugged: EVE Universe- The Art of New Eden

GN Unplugged: EVE Universe- The Art of New Eden

3D Realms Anthology launches on Steam

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Fans of 3D Realms games will be happy to hear that the developer's anthology of titles is now available on Steam in one convenient package. Those that purchase the 3D Realms Anthology will receive a total of 32 games for the current sale price of $29.99. The collection's games include:

  • Alien Carnage / Halloween Harry
  • Arctic Adventure
  • Balls of Steel
  • Bio Menace
  • Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
  • Blake Stone: Planet Strike
  • Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
  • Crystal Caves
  • Dark Ages
  • Death Rally
  • Duke Nukem
  • Duke Nukem 2
  • Duke Nukem 3D
  • Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Major Stryker
  • Math Rescue
  • Monster Bash
  • Monuments of Mars
  • Mystic Towers
  • Paganitzu
  • Pharaoh's Tomb
  • Raptor: Call of the Shadows
  • Realms of Chaos
  • Rise of the Triad: Dark War
  • Secret Agent
  • Shadow Warrior (Classic)
  • Stargunner
  • Terminal Velocity
  • Wacky Wheels
  • Word Rescue
  • Xenophage

Currently, it seems that the games are not available as separate Steam purchases but only as part of the collection bundle.

Latest Witcher 3 trailer discusses monsters

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With the launch of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt only a few weeks away, CD Projekt RED has released a new trailer that highlights some of the game's monsters. From harpies and wyverns to sirens and werewolves, players will need to be on alert as they explore the game's vast and dangerous world.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be available on May 19 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Tony Hawk is back! Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 announced

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Let's face it, the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise is one of the saddest stories in gaming history. The franchise started out strong. I'm sure we all had fond memories of the game from our youth. I could write an entire 300 page book about my memories of those games, with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 being my absolute favorite. Then unfortunately, the series fell from grace.

In my opinion, once Tony Hawk's Underground came along and started adding in story modes and the ability to get off the board, the game started to lose what made it so memorable in the first place. Then things went REALLY downhill when we got the atrocious Tony Hawk's Underground 2, which was nothing more than an episode of Jackass. They tried to revive the series with games like Tony Hawk's Project 8 but it just didn't have the charm that the original games had. It seemed like they were just trying to compete with EA's Skate franchise. The final nail in the coffin was with the absolutely atrocious Tony Hawk's Ride game. The less said about that the better.

It seemed like the franchise had been dead an buried until earlier this year when Tony Hawk started sending out cryptic tweets. Could a new Tony Hawk game be on the way? Today we got our answer, and the answer is yes. 

Game Informer broke the news that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is official and will bring the series back to its roots like the first four games. The June issue of Game Informer will have a 6 page spread about the game but they have dropped some details for us today. The game will feature the classic arcade style gameplay we all remember but will bring some new elements into the game as well including power-ups and the ability to shoot projectiles during some missions. The game will also feature a new set of levels and objectives which can be completed solo or with a co-op partner online. They also confirmed that the create a skate park feature will return and you have the ability to upload and share your parks with players around the world. 

Finally, it wouldnt be a Tony Hawk game without skaters of course and the game will bring back some familiar favorites and will also include a new generation of skaters as well. Characters include Nyjah Huston, Aaron Homoki, Ishod Wair, Riley Hawk, Lizzie Armanto, Chris Cole, David Gonzalez, Leticia Bufoni, and Andrew Reynolds.

The game is scheduled to be released later this year on PS4 and Xbox One with last gen versions to follow after. 

I am extremely excited for this and I can only hope that the game will feature an epic soundtrack as well because that is also one of the other things that I have loved about the Tony Hawk game. Playing Tony Hawk 3 in my friends basement at 3AM with Ace of Spades blasting from the TV... good times. 

Duck mounts come to Everquest II...no, seriously

by: Russell - - 0 Comments

Everquest II has been around for a long time and working on a game this long can make anyone go completely crazy.  Imagine then having to create a duck mount for use in the game.  Yes you read that correctly.  Everquest II now has duck mounts available from now through May 19th for 1950 SC.  That honestly just sounds crazy...speaking of which, lets take a look at an EQ2 developer who learns the real cost of creating a duck mount.


"Purple Heroes" added to Ultimate Team packs in FIFA 15

by: Sean Cahill - - 0 Comments

Around this time of the year is when FIFA 15 and the previous entries in the franchise becomes a bit hectic on Ultimate Team because, after weeks upon weeks of TOTW cards, it's time to start releasing the big ones.  Team of the Year cards will probably come at the end of the month, but this week we get to enjoy the official "Hero" cards, which honors players in various forms.  The list is as follows:

Award Heroes

  • Eden Hazard (Chelsea FC - England) - Named Player of The Year and in TOTY with 18 goals so far, winning League Cup & Premier League title.
  • Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur - England) - Lifted the Young Player of The Year award after scoring 30 goals so far this season. 
  • Joe Garner (Preston North End - England) - Named League 1 POTY and followed that with a hat-trick in a 3-0 win to put Preston on the verge of promotion!
  • Patrick Bamford (Middlesborough - England) - Named the Championship's Player of the Year for a very successful loan spell from Chelsea.
  • Dele Alli (MK Dons - England) - Named Football League Young Player of the Year making him most impressive 21 or under player in all 72 FL clubs
  • Stefan Johansen (Celtic - Scotland) - named Scottish FA Player of the Year yesterday after his club Celtic sealed the title.

Club Heroes (Promotion)

  • Callum Wilson (Bournemouth - England) - Scored and won a PK in Bournemouth's 3-0 win vs. Bolton which all but confirmed their promotion.
  • Jean-Louis Akpa Akpro (Shrewsbury Town - England) - Scored the goal that promoted Shrewsbury and relegated Cheltenham at the same time.
  • Troy Deeney (Watford - England) - Scored the all-important opener in Watford's 2-0 win at Brighton which sealed their promotion.
  • Dean Lewington (MK Dons - England) - scored a brace which saw his team promoted on the final game of the season.
  • Tom Soares (Bury - England) - Soares goal in the 1-0 win at Tranmere secured Bury promotion to League One at the expense of Southend.

Club Heroes (Avoid Relegation)

  • Jordan Hugill (Hartlepool United - England) - Hugill scored the winning goal that ensured Hartlepool avoided relegation from the Football League.
  • Danny Ward (Rotherham United - England) - Grabbed two assists in 2-1 win against Reading which secured their Championship survival.
  • Ramy Bensebaini (Lierse S.K. - Belgium) - Top performer in the decisive relegation duel vs. Cercle Brugge (3-1), great defending also scoring the late 2-1 knockout.
  • George Moncur (Colchester United - England) - Scored the winning goal to secure Colchester United's League One status.

Spoilers: Jason's ending and fatalities in MK X

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Mortal Kombat X players around the world are anxiously refreshing the game's main screen in hopes that the new Jason Voorhees character will show up in their region. NetherRealm has slowly been rolling the character out throughout the day as the various regions have updated their digital networks. I managed to "massage" him out of the PlayStation Network in North America this afternoon and quickly went to find out both his second (and first) fatality and arcade mode ending to share with everyone.

Long story short, he is a really fun character to play and his ending is really, REALLY cool. Check it out!

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Now you're playing with Portal Pinball

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Zen Studios and Valve Software are teaming up to bring one of Valve's most iconic games to the pinball world. Portal Pinball will center around Chell, GLaDOS, Wheatley, and the tests in Apeture Labs.

The co-op robots ATLAS and P-Body will be making an appearance too. Zen teased a Valve image a few weeks ago and there were many of us on the staff speculating that it would be either Half-Life or Portal related for a pinball table. Well, Portal it is and I think the potential for this table is pretty damn good.

Portal Pinball will be available May 25th for a plethora of platforms.

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This music video might make me reinstall Spore

by: Randy - - 0 Comments

This clean, data-is-beautiful-styled video is a visualization for 20syl's "Back & Forth," directed by Thomas Forthe. The pixels build into voxels, which build into motherboards, which build into the world around us. The splashy, chiptuned dance vibes go all the way up, then come all the way back down.

Reminds me of Will Wright's Spore (Gaming Nexus score 9.1 out of 10) from 2008. Man, has it really been seven years? Spore was a game that couldn't live up to its monumental, crowd-hyped expectations, but I'll tell you what: No game since has even tried to match its scale and scope. I feel like I got more out of it than most critics.

Regardless, the way this music video's camera keeps pulling back, revealing a continually embiggening universe, is what made Spore pop into my head.

[via Booooooom]

News Roundup - 05/04/2015

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GOG launches an open beta for their Steam competitor, Galaxy

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Some folks are unhappy with how Steam has been lately, so they might be looking for some alternatives. Origin is an option, but now GOG is getting into the game.

Today, you can sign up for the open beta of GOG Galaxy. This client actually sounds like it has some really great features. You can turn off auto updates if you like. If an update does something to your game, you can roll back to a previous version. Backup your games or download a DRM free version as well.

Of course you'll get achievements, multiplayer matching, friend's list, chatting, and a few other of the game client staples. For starting it, it sounds very promising. Another player in the game is always welcomed and I can't wait to see how Galaxy evolves and competes with Steam and Origin.

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